Expect no excuses, because I know there are none that will get me out of my own personal guilt for neglecting this blog for almost a year. In fact, the only reason I’m back now is because my wonderful friend Ellen has had a wonderful baby and started this wonderful blog (Babies, biscuits and booze) about it all, and has served as a real inspiration for me. If she can manage to blog with a three-month-old to watch over, I can find an hour after work once a week to tell you all some stuff about arthritis!

The good news resulting from my lengthy absence is that I have lots to tell. I have a nice new job, which doesn’t involve working until 11pm on the day of the General Election (only for basically none of the candidates I asked to sign the ARUK pledge to get elected anyway), and I haven’t been made redundant from it – yet! I have moved (again!) and now I live with a boy and a cat in a three-bedroomed terrace house. I’ve been back on Enbrel for a very successful 18 months and it’s all looking pretty good. I’ve changed rheumatologists and now go to one in Sheffield, who has revealed that the ongoing issues in my right elbow aren’t caused by any active arthritis.

surgery selfieSo, in three weeks I have to go see a surgeon to see if there is anything he can do to help the pain. I’ve been trying to do a bit of research into elbow surgeries for arthritis damage, but I can only find stuff about elbow replacements. This is a bit of a concern for me as I think they only last 10 years, and I’m not sure they can always replace the replacement. What happens then? I’m only 25 and I have a job as a writer. What happens if they can’t replace the replacement?!! On the plus side, if they do have to whip my elbow out, you guys will get some more delightful surgery selfies like this, and maybe another anaesthesia live blog, like this one!

Other than that, I’ve mostly been watching a lot of House. I love me a medical drama and some Hugh Laurie, but I do find myself getting quite annoyed with it – for example when they diagnose cubital tunnel syndrome as carpal tunnel syndrome (surprisingly often), when they treat people with an immunosuppressant drugĀ (usually Methotrexate) and *then* wonder if the condition is autoimmune, or when they always suggest it’s lupus (it’s not lupus).

I guess my extensive rheumatology knowledge really takes the joy out of stuff sometimes.

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