A lovely person will tie your shoelaces, and then later not say anything when your wobbly hands make you drop half a poached egg on your pants.

A keeper won’t mind how unglamorous arthritis is, and will rub your sore joints until you fall into a sleep coma.

A great flatmate will know when you’re not well before you have to say anything, and won’t mind when you can’t do your fair share of the household chores.

A good egg will carry your very feminine suitcase and rucksack down a flight of stairs when you ask, and call a lift before you ask because they know you need it.

Another good egg will remind everyone when you’re ‘off your meds’ and offer to carry things for you.

A top lad will check you’re alright even when you’re on their hen do and it’s really not about you.

A wonderful brother will lift the glass of wine to your lips when your elbows are too sore for such necessities.

A true friend will help you take your tights off after a night out when your wrists have stopped working, while singing The Stripper.

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