So, it’s been a while, but I’m back to tell you all just how busy I have been. Hooray!

Since the new year began, I’ve had exam period and lots of essays due at uni. Last week we had various sessions teaching us how to use all kinds of technology that is beyond my normal realms of capabilities. It was all quite complicated and exciting but more on that later.

My main piece of news is that I have started writing for a new website for young people with arthritis, Arthur’s Place. It’s a magazine and forum for 16-30s ish with arthritis to talk to each other and share experiences, advice and tips for a simple life. I actually have a blog on the site – but fear not, I will be keeping this one going. I know there’s at least one of you out there (thanks for the support Mum!).

I’ve got an appointment with the Hip Doctor coming up, so I’m likely to have some kind of trauma about crying in a hospital to share with you all very soon.

Back to my university week of technological experiments: my friend Alex made a gif of me having a little jump, which was the main thing I took away from the photography lesson.  Enjoy : )


The gif skills of Alex Drury

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