I’m feeling pretty damn chuffed with myself at the moment – I’m just really enjoying every part of every day. The reason for me mentioning my own smugness on this blog about my arthritic adventures is because I think it is – in no small part – down to me just being very merry healthwise at the moment.

I’ve been thinking about the state I was in this time last year, mainly because I haven’t felt held back by my joints for a while – apart from not being able to stay out past 2am at my friend’s Halloween party a few weeks ago (wedge heels and the clocks going back do not mix!).

This time last year I had just got back from my trip to Australia was just starting out on The Nap Phase – three months of my life lost to sleeping every afternoon when I got home from my working my part-time job.

As we now know The Nap Phase was actually the beginnings of a flare up, which finally reared its head one weekend when visiting a friend. A true friend, Lizzie, who didn’t kick me out of her flat when I couldn’t stop sleeping and/or being sick. Yes, both at the same time.

Now, I’m no doctor, but I would say I am out of my flare up now. Sulfasalazine works and doesn’t make me feel sick. I don’t even care that my wee is orange – in fact, I would go as far as to say I like it. It’s a nice addition of character to a frequent and usually mundane task.

Happiest scar in the world.

Happiest scar in the world.

It’s also been three months since my operation – still no pins and needles, guys. I think we’re out of the woods. Even my scar is happy to see you!

I love my university course and my new life in Sheffield. I want to stay a student forever, I think it suits me. Especially now I have matured so much I go to every class as opposed to sleeping all the time.

I should probably treat this post as an extended apology as well. I have nothing to moan about, and so I have nothing to blog about.

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