To be honest with you all (which I always am anyway, for future reference), I’m not really sure what to write in this post. I’ve got a lot going on at the moment, but it’s all just little bits and bobs, none of which are worthy of a post of their own.

I’m sure you can all survive without my waffle until something more interesting comes up, don’t get me wrong. But I might just do a quick blast of all the stuff that’s happened. Keep you in the loop, you know.

First things first, I now have two fully functioning elbows, each as slender as the other. This is the first time this has happened in about 18 months so it is good news. Also, the scar is coming along nicely, and it’s been a month and five days since the old ulnar nerve decompression and I still haven’t had pins and needles.

In fact, my elbows are so good at the moment that last week I was able to move to Sheffield without causing myself any injuries… almost. I did actually scrape my scar along the inside of one of the already-broken-windows in our new flat when trying to close it, which became a new addition to my Top Five Most Painful Things I Can Remember Happening To Me:

  1. Steroid injection in any joint
  2. Using a joint that arthritis is going to town on
  3. Not using a joint that arthritis is going to town on, but just being aware of it
  4. How your elbow feels after you have had surgery for ulnar nerve decompression
  5. Scraping your new scar on the inside of a window frame

Going back to my next bit of news – I live in Sheffield now! I’m going to be starting my masters in the next couple of weeks and I am very excited. I also don’t have an internet connection in my new flat, so have had to go round to Tim and Rob’s flat to upload this post (Guys – you’re in my blog!). I also need a job to be able to continue to live in the style to which I have become accustomed, so if any of you have anything you would like me to do and give me money for (a labour exchange, if you will) please get in touch. Manual labour requests need not apply, my elbows aren’t *that* good.

I have also knocked a tablet off my sulfasalazine dose (now just 1.5g) in the hope that will reduce my bruising and ulcers, so fingers crossed. I didn’t make that decision autonomously; it was rheumatologist advice – the best kind of advice in my humble opinion. In terms of Sulfy (it’s a really long word) in general, I think it’s going quite well. I mean my eyes are dry, my wee is orange and for a few weeks I was taking non-enteric-coated tablets which were leaving a yellow powder all over my hands and life, but my legs are working.

I think when you’re at a point in your life where having orange urine is exciting to you because it means you can blog about it, you have to take the actual good things where you can. And working legs is definitely a good thing.

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